Visual Meditations are channeled paintings created as an extension of a Tarot card reading—either for myself or for clients through my business Open Window Meditations—in which the cards, the painting, and a string of words that loosely take poetic form all work together to deliver information and guidance. 
This particular body of paintings was created in the Fall of 2020 as part of an exploration of the connections between Tarot and Kabbalah, using the book “Tarot and the Gates of Light: A Kabbalistic Path to Liberation” by Mark Horn (a self-described gay Jewish-Buddhist) and a Tarot deck by artist and animator Joe Sparrow. The paintings were created on a daily basis during a 49-day practice
of counting the Omer (47 paintings total were created, 2 days were missed during the practice), and a consistent and minimal color palette was used to unite the work into a cohesive body. Because Kabbalah was adjusted by the creators of the Tarot decks that are most widely used today, this exploration was a way to learn more about the original Jewish teachings and to reinvigorate aspects of those teachings that may have been lost in translation. Counting the Omer using Tarot following Horn’s guidance and layering in my own practice of creating Visual Meditations, I was able to not only deepen my understanding of the relationship between Tarot and Kabbalah as hoped, but the exercise in general allowed for a broadened perspective on cultural and religious practices and perspectives that differ from my own background. The paintings were exhibited in a pop-up in Lockhart, Texas. All were created using ink, watercolor, and gouache on 10" x 7" paper.
The channeled paintings below were created for clients as part of a reading that taps into deep undercurrents and patterns. The paintings extend guidance, act as a meditation tool or simply as a visual reminder, and can carry forward the included Reiki energy attunement across time (to learn more, visit Open Window Meditations). Materials vary but all are a watercolor base and may also include pastel or gouache on 24" x 18" paper.
My practice creating Visual Meditations began in April of 2018 as part of a daily, morning Tarot reading for myself. I continued the practice almost daily for about 18 months, at which point I began to reserve them for special readings. These early paintings were all created using stick watercolor on 10" x 7" paper.
Paintings from this body of work may be available for purchase at this time. Please contact me directly with serious inquiries only. To receive a personalized Visual Meditation reading and purchase a channeled painting to accompany your reading, visit my Open Window Meditations website. If you'd like to support my practice in another way, I sell a selection of small originals, books, photography, and limited edition reproductions (in rare cases) via my online shop
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