Ornithomancy is the practice of divination through signs and messages from birds. As in many other areas of my art-making, the fusion of science, spirituality, and narrative is prominent in this series, with compositions often being suggestive of scientific concepts but within the framework of bird magic. The titles reinforce the concept of narrative, some of which are direct quotes from literature or oral story-telling traditions. These paintings are highly personal for me, and I avoid controlling them, allowing the specific birds depicted and other imagery to arise intuitively. Spaced apart in time (and stylistically varying as a result), the paintings always come during a significant period of transformation or growth—sometimes bursting out quickly and sometimes spanning a period of years. Always, they bring messages and deeper clarity for me and act as alchemical agents of change in my life. This series is on-going.

"But this is wondrous strange!" 2021 | watercolor and gouache on stretched paper | 35.5" x 35.5"

"Darkness Slips Into Light" 2018 | watercolor on stretched paper | 30" x 40"

"The Answer to the Question, 'What Changed?'" 2018 | watercolor and gouache on stretched paper | 96" x 30"

"We are just now at the beginning of our journey." 2018 | watercolor and goache on stretched paper | 40" x 30"

"Well hello there" 2018 | watercolor and pastel on paper | 39" x 27.5"

"Finding the Way" 2017 | watercolor and gouache on paper | 27.5" x 39"

"What are you?" 2017 | watercolor and gouache on paper | 41" x 29.5"

Paintings from this series may be available for purchase at this time. Please contact me directly with serious inquiries only. If you'd like to support my practice in another way, I sell a selection of small originals, books, photography, and limited edition reproductions (in rare cases) via my online shop
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