The paintings below were created as gifts, as part of external projects, in response to events or moments, and sometimes simply through playing in the studio. They were selected to represent points that I felt were significant in my development as an artist or are paintings that hold a special sentimental value for me. 
"Electric Buffalo" 2018 | gouache on paper​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ | 16" x 12"
"From the Second Floor" 2018 | watercolor on paper
"14 (In Memory of Tanaya Otterpohl)" 2018 | gouache on paper | 30" x 14"
"Cleo's Eclipse" 2017 | gouache on paper | 16" x 12"
"A Star War" 2017 | gouache on paper | 12" x 9"

"Blow" 2017 | gouache on paper

"Charlottesville" 2017 | pastel on paper | 12" x 9"

"Fire and Fury Like the World Has Seen Before (a.k.a. If Your Hands Are Too Tiny to Carry a Big Stick, Speak Loudly... or, Heavy-Handed Rhetoric Calls for Heavy-Handed Art)" 2017 | pastel on paper | 9" x 12"

"RealMeOldMeNewMe" 2017 | gouache on paper | 24" x 18"

"5 Stages of Grief (Adjusted for Accuracy)" 2016 | gouache on paper| 24" x 18"

"False Color Pluto" 2016 | gouache on paper| 10" x 7"

"Still Life with Sunflowers and Monorail Vase on Tablecloth" 2016 | stick watercolor on paper | 7" x 10"

Paintings from this collection may be available for purchase at this time. Please contact me directly with serious inquiries only. If you'd like to support my practice in another way, I sell a selection of small originals, books, photography, and limited edition reproductions (in rare cases) via my online shop
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