Currently in the works is a series titled RIFT that draws from experiences surrounding the 2018 Kilauea East Rift Zone eruption on the big Island of Hawaii. The seeds for this project were planted shortly after my visit to observe the eruption, but like the volcanic process in many ways, it lay dormant for many years while huge shifts occurred underground. The experience and the shifts that it represents were so vital to my personal and creative evolution however, that it was always going to return to the surface.
Each painting in this series captures real events and stories that either I experienced personally or that were shared with me by locals. Playing with Destruction-Creation energy as a central theme, the title RIFT carries dual meanings of separation and opening. A rift divides. A rifts births.
As with previous work, the micro—or the quantum—always reflects the macro, and while the subject matter pulls directly from firsthand, anecdotal events, the awareness of how Destruction-Creation energy continues to ripple throughout the world at large is at the forefront of my mind.
The best way to follow along with the series as it evolves and to hear the stories behind each painting is on Instagram or via studio talk videos I post on YouTube.

"The Orchid Farm" 2018 | watercolor on paper | 22" x 16"

"The Farmers Market" 2023 | watercolor on paper | 23" x 15.75"

"The Wild Pig and the Lavanado" 2023 | watercolor on paper | 22.5" x 17.5"

Paintings from this series are not available for purchase at this time. If you'd like to support my practice, I sell a selection of small originals, books, photography, and limited edition reproductions (in rare cases) via my online shop
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