"Middle-of-the-Night Pandemic Boredom Makeover" 2021

My work is focused on exploration—both of the external world and internally—and is a synthesis of science, "magic," personal narrative, and time and place. Strongly connected to nature and influenced by over two decades of experience as an art director and design manager in educational publishing, the process of making art for me is an act of discovery, of transmutation, of devotion.
In 1993 I was a co-founder of Good/Bad Art Collective in Denton, TX and remained active until 1998. At that time I was three years into my publishing career and ultimately choose to pursue the latter. I loved making books and felt great about the integrity of helping educate people, but as happens in life, both the industry and I changed. By 2016, my professional and personal growth options in publishing had hit a wall, and I returned to making art—which had been beckoning to me—with my first inclusion in a gallery show in 2017 for the first time since the 1990s. In the time since, art making has become a compulsion, and I have placed an emphasis on simply creating the work.

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