If you're here, you already understand the value of art. (Not sure? Read this article from the NAAPPD.) Like everything else, creating art takes time and energy. Your support ensures that art and artists can thrive. 
Here are three easy ways you can show your support and become a patron of the arts:

See something you like? Reach out, it might be available:
Thank you!
Like the content? When you donate any amount over $25 USD via Venmo, I'll select something from my studio specifically for you of comparable value and send it along in a specially decorated 20" x 10" mailer. This could be anything from small works on paper to prints to studies to peripheral items like color palettes or mark-making tests. It's a mystery, and that's the fun of it! To donate use the Venmo account below and be sure to leave a note saying "Donation" with your mailing address (all transactions and notes are set to private).
Use whatever platform, resources, and connections you have to help artists expand their reach and networks. Pay special attention to artists who are undervalued and underrepresented and artists belonging to groups that have historically been overlooked or passed by. Take an honest look at who you follow and how diverse that group of artists is.
Here are some artists I love (in no particular order). Check 'em out:

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