Not so much a series as an unrelated collection of works, the symbol of the Ouroboros has continually made appearances in my work (most recently in the Quarantined Artist Postcard Exchange). The selected paintings below were created as reactions to events occurring in the world around me or in my personal life, as the symbol feels consistently relevant.

"Virginia's Inkwell" 2020 | ink and watercolor on paper | 7" x 10"

"Black Ouroboros" 2017 | gouache on giclée print
"Coiled Ouroboros" 2017 | gouache on paper | 20" x 18"
"In the Night. In the Dark" 2017 | gouache on watercolor panel block | 12" x 12" x 2"

"Swallow It Back Down" 2017 | gouache on paper | 24" x 18"

"Ouroboros (In Which the U.S. Consumes Itself)" 2016 | gouache on paper | 24" x 18"
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